About Me


I love quilts!

Big, little, modern, traditional, art quilts and utility quilts; all quilts are wonderful. Quilts are made to celebrate life and love.

Quilts have been a big part of my life.  Picnics, forts, wrapping up babies, and snuggling under with loved ones.  Hanging on my walls, covering my tables at parties; I can't imagine life without quilts. And after meeting so many quilters I know I'm not the only one to pour my heart into the quilts we make, share and give away.  We celebrate births, achievements, and weddings.  We make quilts for our sick an dying we mourn our loved ones with memory quilts.  There are so many charity quilts made and donated for such incredible organizations.  The creative love and generosity of quilters is awe inspiring and a big part of why I quilt for others.

All of my quilting is freemotion.  It is what I love doing.  Being able to let each quilt become its own unique creation is an incredible opportunity.

I am honored to be allowed to collaborate with such wonderful people in making something as special as a quilt.

So whether this is your first quilt or one hundredth lets work together to create quilts to celebrate your life and loves!